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Micronutrient and Genetic testing is not available to providers in the state of New York; only Cardiovascular.

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Can I use insurance to pay for SpectraCell’s lab tests?

Yes, we are in-network with most commercial insurance and Medicare Advantage plans. This means you can make the most of your insurance coverage when ordering through a licensed healthcare provider. 

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Direct-to-consumer laboratory testing is not permitted in the following states: CA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, PA, and RI. Therefore, specimens cannot be collected and lab results cannot be delivered to residents in these states.
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering lab tests online without going through a licensed medical professional, you cannot submit to insurance for payment or reimbursement. Also, It is not recommended that you interpret your own lab results. With any medical report, best clinical outcomes are achieved when results are reviewed with a professional. 
Specimens will NOT be delivered to a PO Box address.
All international orders with the exception of Canada & Puerto Rico will be responsible for costs associated with overnight return shipping and handling, and blood draws.

  • “SpectraCell Micronutrient Test is a unique, scientifically-based nutrient evaluation of specific deficiencies that allows for targeted treatment. The detection of micronutrient deficiencies using this test offers a functional and biochemically unique approach to the prevention and treatment of many diseases in which the root cause originated with nutritional deficiency and subsequent downstream of cellular dysfunction and illness.”

    Mark Houston, M.D., M.S., SCH, ABAAM, FACP, FAHA Internal Medicine
  • “SpectraCell's micronutrient test allows me to diagnose specific functional deficiencies and subsequently compound supplements appropriate for the individual needs of my patients.”

    Michael O'Neal, Primary Care Team Physician Toronto Blue Jays – MLB
  • "As an interventional cardiologist and electrophysiologist dedicated to the advancement of cardiovascular health, I have come to appreciate the need for individualizing our approach to patient care. I have relied heavily upon SpectraCell's Micronutrient Test for the better part of the last decade. It gives me the ability to treat patients on a targeted and individualized level, thus eliminating the guesswork."

    Seth Baum, M.D. Cardiologist, VitalRemedy - Boca Raton, FL